When Commander Hadfield met Paddy

It was a proud moment for Paddy meeting a real life Astronaut, he had longed to be an Astronaut himself for as long as he could remember.

One day in January 2014 just a complete chance encounter at a Hotel in Ireland, Paddy was sitting down to breakfast and who did he notice munching on some scramble eggs at the other table? It was Commander Chris Hadfield. A Canadian Astronaut who had done many Space flights for NASA and even Commanded the ISS on a 6 month mission.

Paddy couldn’t believe his eyes, he was awestruck. So awestruck that he was too “shy” to go over and ask him for an autograph while he buttered his toast. So like all good fan girl stalkers, Paddy googled why Commander Hadfield was in the area.

It turned out that he was in town to do a book signing for his book on “An Astronauts Guide to Space”. Paddy immediately got in his car and headed for the book signing. Finally he was going to meet one of his heroes.

In the line up he got more and more nervous, finally the moment had come, he was going to finally speak to an Astronaut. In his sheer excitement Paddy got a little too friendly too quick. He put out his hand to shake Commander Hadfields but big Chris and his impressive Canadian Mustache was having none of it. Paddy was crushed, he had hoped no one had witnessed it but the photographer did!

Paddy thought……”oh fuck!”

As you can see from the image below, Commander Hadfield was ruthless. Paddy has not met or spoke to an Astronaut since.

IMG_0186 (002).jpg


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